Network is the center, the very backbone that runs vital job in enterprises to achieve business goals. Having the network constantly running failure-free is a mandatory to all enterprises. Armed with our experience and vast knowledge in Networking Solutions, our network admins are experts that can swiftly gather depth information of the network, fix traffic and protect the network from security threats across all your network sources. Our company is not only the best choice for your network needs but we are also experienced on setting up Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Firewalls, Network Routing, Virtual Private Network and Remote Office interconnection and many more network services. We are able to design network infrastructure cleanly, efficiently and well-organized for us to deliver you a reliable and secured network. If you have problems or issues with your current network infrastructure, we can evaluate and help you to improve to a more secured, organized and efficient network setup. No matter what size of business you have, we can always find the right solutions for you.
Sunbridge provides you with the best network solutions to meet your business needs. Our network infrastructure and Security covers :
Switch and Router
• Stackable Switches.
• Modular Switches.
• Chassis deployments.
• Wireless Controller
• 802.11 n/ac APs
• Servers and Storage
• Workstations
• IP Monitoring
• Firewall
 LAN Security
Management and Advanced Security
• Network Access Control.
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